Đạo Diễn: Vĩnh Noãn
Vai chính: Lê Quỳnh và Mai Trâm
Sản xuất năm 1956 tại Việt Nam

phiên bản có phụ đề Anh Ngữ (with English subtitle)


Mai Tram played communist heroine

Hoang Khoi Phong, who interviewed movie actress Mai Tram, recalls the summer of 1956: “I was a Northern student who evacuated from North Vietnam to South Vietnam as a refugee. Excitedly I walked with my father into Dai Nam Movie Theater to see a movie entitled ‘We Want to Live’. This film was directed by Vinh Noan. The background of the movie was the war between the Viet Minh Front and the French in 1952 in North Vietnam. In this film were scenes of a people’s court in the “land reform” campaign of the Vietnamese communists, which haunted audiences in South Vietnam, especially those Northern refugees who had direct experience of this barbarity.” Almost fifty years later, in 2002, the movie was released on DVD and distributed among Vietnamese communities overseas. Only a few months after having completed the book and the DVD version of this movie, Director Vinh Noan passed away in Orange County, California, at the age of 76. Mai Tram was the leading lady of that film:

"As a former employee of Air Vietnam I used to have the chance to contact a great many people. The Tan Viet Movie Company sent its representative to me to invite me to play a role in the film. I felt timid and hesitant; however, after the high-ranking officials of Air Vietnam encouraged me to play a role in this anti-communist movie, and allowed me to get back to my job after the completion of this film, I accepted the invitation."

"Though I had never eye-witnessed or attended a people's court, I had heard stories of such things related by many fellow countrymen from the North. They had been victims of such people’s courts. The scenes set up in this film were faithfully recreated as replicas of the real events that occurred."

In my opinion every society has several classes of people: the rich, the poor, the noble, the ordinary, the intellectual or the illiterate. No social class can destroy another social class.

Mai Tram

"All the scenes that described the battles in which there were tanks, aircraft and machineguns were re-created with the support of the Department of Defense and the troops of the Republic of Vietnam Armed Forces. When Director Vinh Noan researched this film, he aimed at providing a document that could record a painful period of our history, he volunteered to live for a period together with refugees in the camps near Nha Trang. So the movie company hired them to play the minor roles when it needed them. They acted very well and their acting was very lively."

"At that time we were very surprised and proud when 'We Want To Live' was shown to the public with its scenes of the people court denouncing and accusing the couple of landlords named Mr. and Mrs. Long. The local people who sat to watch the film were so much shocked by the injustice and tyranny of the Communists. They suddenly became furious and unanimously stood up to shout out 'Down with the Communists! Down with the Communists!'”

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